Easy Oven-Cooked Ribs (Seriously, anyone can do this!)

Hey there all you cool cats and kittens! (Are you tired of hearing that yet?) Sorry for the Tiger King reference. I am not usually into these types of shows- but you know- a little distraction is good during times like these, and …THE MEMES! 🙂

Today I am sharing my recipe for oven-broiled ribs with you.

Maybe it’s still too cold to use your grill.

Maybe you don’t know how to use your grill.

Maybe you don’t have a grill.

Maybe you forgot to clean the bottom of your grill and whilst cooking your husband a steak for his birthday, the whole bottom of the grill caught fire and you thought your house was going to burn down. So you are now scared of your grill.

That happened to… a friend of mine. 😉

Anyway- these ribs are cooked for a few hours in the oven then BROILED – which creates a grill-like result. It caramelizes the BBQ sauce and makes them crispy on the outside but still fall-off-the-bones delicious all over.

You can use baby back ribs, pork spare ribs, or beef short ribs. I used pork spare ribs. They are less expensive than baby backs, but still pack a ton of flavor. Plus, they were on sale!

Recipe as follows:

First you make a dry-rub for your ribs. You can buy something pre-made, or you can use what is in your spice cabinet. Badia makes a really good one called Holy Smokes. Unfortunately, I did not have it, so I made my own. As usual, I do not have the exact measurements- just keep taste testing! This is a great way to teach yourself to “eyeball” your spices, knowing exactly how much you need. Using this method, I can now look at a pot of potatoes and pretty much tell how much salt will go in them before they get mashed.

I will list what I used below –  remember,  try to use spices that will complement the sauce you are going to use. Do not use a Jamaican jerk spice mix if you are going to go heavy with a hickory smoke sauce. The flavors should go well together.

Kosher salt (as the base, I probably used about ¼ cup)

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Black pepper

Smoked paprika

Brown sugar

A little cayenne for a kick

Homemade spice mix

Rub both racks of ribs generously with the spice mix and a little bit of whatever sauce you are going to use (not too much, more will come later!) and wrap them in foil. I poked holes in them for a little steam vent, and in the oven they went. Bake them in a 275f degree oven for about 4-5 hours. This is a cut of meat that needs to be cooked low and slow for a while.

Dry rub on, a little sauce, ready for the foil
All wrapped up and cozy, ready for the oven!
Done! This is after about 5 hours in the oven.

After removing the ribs from the oven, Flip them upside down and smothered in any sauce you desire. I used a Carolina-style sauce that was heavy on the vinegar, but the options are almost limitless. Sometimes I go Kansas City! Sometimes it is more Texas! The world is your BBQ Sauce playground. You can make your own too, but Linda, I am just not that person.

Turn the oven on LOW broil, and put the ribs on the top rack. Stay close by and check on them every 3 minutes or so.

Ribs under broiler- this is after about 5 minutes… they still needed a couple more.

The sauce will start to brown and get all sticky-icky (in a good way). When they start to look irresistible to you, take them out, flip them right side up, and repeat the process on the top of the ribs.

Take them out, and voila! You are now a professional chef. Make your family and/or friends (well, for now should just be family) bow before you and call you the Queen – or King!

You are the master of the universe.
Just another angle, for good measure.

(***If you MUST use a grill- follow all of the steps above but stop when you get to the broil part. Instead of broiling- put them on a very hot grill for 4 minutes on each side, you will get the same effect- with the smoky flavor!***)

I served mine with cole slaw and baked beans. Both were pre-made (former) or from a can (latter). If you’re feeling fancy, corn bread would go great.

I hope you are all safe, healthy, and sound. And if you are sick- I send you all of the healing vibes. Hopefully everyone can enjoy some of these ribs soon. 🙂

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